That’s a wrap on the 2023 NASPL Professional Development Seminar!

A big thanks goes out to all of our keynote speakers, presenters and planning committee members, and especially to Tom Seaver and our hosts at the Colorado Lottery.  

16th Street Mall - Credit: TruBlu Images

NASPL and the Colorado Lottery would like to thank all the delegates for making PDS 2023 a smashing success in both attendance and content. See you next year in Omaha, NE, for PDS 2024!


Enjoy the rest of the summer!


Your PDS Planning Committee


Love This City Mural - Credit: Visit Denver

Mile High Expectations

Welcome to Colorado, and to the 2023 NASPL Professional Development Seminar – PDS. Our theme is “Mile High Expectations,” which I think is pretty appropriate for where we are as an industry. And also, well, you’re in Denver, which is 5,280 feet above sea level. 


Over these few days, there will be seminars, panels, keynotes, and probably at least as important, tons of opportunities to network and spend time with your colleagues from across North America. Our industry is amazing when it comes to sharing information, and learning from each other. Seldom do any of us face a challenge that no other lottery has faced before. So making new friends and new connections should definitely be one of your expectations for the time we have together.


While most welcome letters include a shameless pitch for the host city or state, I’m just going to encourage you to look out the windows to the west. I really hope you can come early, or stay late, so you can experience the Rocky Mountain West at its finest. There are Colorado Lottery volunteers all around who will be more than happy to share their favorite hiking trail, hot springs, fishing spot, or chill mountain town. I guess that was a bit of a shameless pitch. Oops.

The Colorado Lottery is proud that our proceeds benefit our outdoor lifestyle. This year, we celebrate 40 years in business, and over $4 billion transferred to parks, recreation, trails, open space, and outdoor equity and wildlife programs. We’re lucky to call Colorado home, and we’re very happy to have you join us for PDS.  



Tom Seaver
Director, Colorado Lottery


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