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JULY 22-25, 2024

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Friends and colleagues:


As our modern lottery industry marks its sixtieth anniversary in 2024, we are honored to host the NASPL Professional Development Seminar in Omaha.

Whether a newcomer or an industry veteran, we all have much in common. We provide excellent service to a wide variety of customers and constituencies, deliver exciting and reputable products, and operate efficiently and responsibly—every day all year long.

Like those who pioneered our industry and every other field of endeavor we look to the future and seek to learn and grow as we do our work, continually exploring new ideas and readily sharing information and expertise.

From the “what if” of the pioneer to the “what next” of the innovator, every step of the way is an opportunity to learn and share. Omaha is a city with a rich history of contributions to our nation’s growth, from individual inspiration to dynamic team collaboration, and we think it’s a perfect setting for our gathering.

Join us July 22-25 as we explore Pioneering Innovation.



Brian Rockey and the Nebraska Lottery Team

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