Thank you all for attending NASPL PDS21!


To support our members during the ongoing pandemic, NASPL is presenting our popular Professional Development Seminar in a completely virtual format. This year, along with our cohosts at the Nebraska Lottery, NASPL is offering PDS as a three-part series, taking place June 22-24, July 13-15 and August 3-5.


The NASPL Professional Development Seminar is a unique event, developed to bring together lottery industry employees of all levels, in all disciplines. Specialized PDS workshops explore the industry’s primary job functions, allowing for candid discussions and information sharing among participants and providing attendees with tangible ideas about how to take advantage of the industry's biggest opportunities and find solutions to its biggest challenges.


Even in a virtual format, there is no better way to promote communication within the lottery industry, provide education through real-world problem solving, hear case study presentations and experience the best networking opportunities possible.

PDS is designed to engage and educate members from across the lottery industry, including those in accounting, audit, information technology, legal, product management, public relations, research, sales and marketing, and security.


Welcome to 2021 PDS Virtual Series!


It’s been said countless times; the past 18 months have been challenging. However, in spite of all those challenges – the personal, the professional and the societal – we in the lottery industry have continued to work on behalf of the publics we serve. While meeting those challenges and responsibilities, we have continued to innovate, adapt and exceed expectations.


The NASPL Professional Development Seminar is a great opportunity to learn from the best – each other – while celebrating our accomplishments and planning for the future.


Thank you for taking part in this great program, and for sharing your insights, experiences and energy.


Brian Rockey, M.A., M.P.A., CLSSEGB

Director, Nebraska Lottery and Charitable Gaming Division


NASPL Lottery Members - $150 per each week

Employees of a government-sanctioned NASPL Member state, provincial or other lottery. This does not include suppliers providing products or services to lottery clients.



NASPL Associate Members - $200 per each week

Employee/representative of a company that supplies goods and/or services to the lottery industry and is a current NASPL Associate Member.


Non-Member Lottery/Vendor Supplier - $250 per each week
Employee/representative of any lottery that is not a NASPL Lottery Member, or of a company that supplies goods and/or services to the lottery industry that is not a current NASPL Associate Member.


JUNE 22-24

PDS21: Series I

JULY 13-15

PDS21: Series II


PDS21: Series III

NASPL would like to thank our Level I and Level II Associate Members

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